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Always looking to empower the animation community, Nimble Collective is actively supporting Blender and the release of Blender 2.8.

“We are really excited about what Blender is doing with 2.8 dubbed the Workflow Release. We see so much potential not just for the mission that we both share but what it means to the Animation Industry.” – Jason Schleifer – Head of Content at Nimble Collective.

As with all open source products Blender 2.8 requires more than mere endorsements by the community at large, the Nimble Team is contributing development resources as well as providing financial support to the Blender Institute for animation and pipeline projects..

“Our goal of being a thought leader in the industry is important and Blender Institute is doing some great things within the community, so we want to give back and support when and where we can.” – Johnathan Flowers – Head of Marketing at Nimble Collective.

Blender 2.8 Workflow Release is ongoing and if you want to learn more about the Blender products and all things Blender check out www.blender.org

Nimble Collective
Nimble Collective
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  1. That’s great news! Jason, I’ve seen you post a few things on Right-Click-Select and am excited about further improving Blender’s Animation workflow. I use Blender mainly for character animation and there are quite a few things that could be improved. On the whole though I love it and find it just as capable for me as Maya or 3ds Max. Be sure to check out this thread on BlenderArtists for some fairly recent ideas about Animation workflow improvements http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?360573-Some-ideas-on-making-blender-better-for-Animators-Add-yours

    • Jason Schleifer says:

      Thanks Brandon! I’m very excited to work with the team to make the blender animation experience pure awesome. 🙂 Fantastic thread on blenderartists btw.. I love that there is enthusiasm for making things better!

  2. So happy to read this post! I love blender but I think it could definitely be improved by comments and directions from people involved deeply in the animation industry. I feel especially that way with the rigging process. Looking forward to see the future of blender! Thank you for supporting the community!!!


  3. mark says:

    Jason! I really can’t think of a better candidate to influence the workflow. Just upping B’s anim workflow game would be amazing. Looking forward to what brews between you guys.

  4. Jer says:

    Yeah yeah!! I guess this means that there might be a way to focus on selected bone in the hierarchy. 😉 Been following your tutorials and updates for the last little bit. Super excited to have my ol Maya teacher in Blender. Loving your open-minded approach to all this, which I know must be difficult considering all the years you’ve spent in Maya. NICE!!

  5. Hey Jer! Thanks for the kind words. I’m always up for learning new tools though. I like to think the artist can create, no matter the tool, and Blender is just a new tool to learn and create with. And as I learn, I share, so hopefully other folks find my learnin’s helpful. 😉

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