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Over the years lots of people have asked how I go about preparing for presentations.  I’ve got a few different methods, but one of my favorites is to actually storyboard the whole thing and pitch it to people!

The following pitch was done to help sell the idea for our presentation to Mark, the CEO of Citrix.  We were attempting to do something quite complicated, which actually has our mouse character come on stage on top of Mark’s slides and interrupt him mid-sentence.  This pitch is what we gave him to show how this idea could work.   It also helped refine our flow for the presentation and made sure we weren’t preparing slides that we didn’t need.

Please Note: The features mentioned in the video may or may not be included in future versions of Nimble Collective. This video is not intended to be either a subset of nor a complete feature list, and should not be taken as such!

In other words.. please don’t get upset if you see a feature here that doesn’t end up in the product.  Also, please don’t worry if you don’t see a feature here you think you need.  Just, try not to get upset. 🙂


Jason Schleifer
Jason Schleifer
Jason and his mad scientist eyebrows have been pushing the boundaries of CG animation and sharing his knowledge for nearly 20 years. Widely recognized as an industry leader and mentor to hundreds of animators, Schleifer, formerly of Weta Digital and Head of Character Animation at DreamWorks, now works as Head of Content and is a co-founder of Nimble Collective.


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great video! It happens to be about how a presentation is going to flow, but within that Jason very clearly describes what Nimble is about and what the company is trying to do for creative people. The storyboards are very cute too 😉

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