Studios big and small can benefit from the cost savings afforded to you by our cloud-based animation studio. You can scale your studio up or down depending on workload without having to make the “brick and mortar” investment in equipment, software, and office space.

You can invite team members to a project with the simple click of a link. They log in to your project, do their work, give and receive feedback, all within the online ecosystem. No need to wait for files to be transferred back and forth. Plus with account level access, file versioning, and on the fly backups, you have visibility into your pipeline from beginning to end.

If you are looking at upgrading your whole studio infrastructure, talk to us first and never deal with that again.


Onboarding artists to a project is as simple as sending them a link. Our platform removes the pain of coordinating application versions, plugin installations, naming conventions and where to save files. Give feedback in real time and change assets, shots, or projects at the click of a mouse. Manage multiple projects and teams all through the same front end.

Talent Pool

With so many animators, riggers, modelers, previs artists, and creators signing up to be part of Nimble Collective’s community, you’ll have your choice of qualified creators. We can help you source and vet high-quality talent that is right for your project. You’ll be able to add them to your team with the click of a button.

Cost Savings

Margins are thin enough. Through our platform, we can reduce overhead to a per-project basis. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser to spin up a project. The software, data management, and pipeline are all built in. Give feedback in real time and change assets, shots, or projects at the click of a mouse. And with no files to wait to upload and download you can turn on a dime to meet adjusted deadlines or new specs. Being Nimble is what we’re all about.

Data Management

Everything in the Nimble platform is structured, asset based and versioned. This saves you from the hassle of coordinating where to save files, syncing data between team members, software versioning nightmares and more. You can work on assets, give and get feedback, preview shots, and collaborate with your team without uploading and downloading constantly. Best of all, your data is safe. You can sleep soundly knowing that the cloud has your back.


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