Working from home. Keeping your own hours. Working in your pajamas. That’s the dream, isn’t it? What about that dream where you get to work and realize you forgot your pants? Well no biggie, you work from home! Every day can be REALLY casual Friday!

But living the dream means being able to make a LIVING at the dream. Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or just want to work on fun, challenging projects in your spare time, Nimble Collective’s virtual streaming animation platform gives you access to a world of animation tools and talent … all within your web browser.

No software to install, no files to sync up, no need to render locally. Just log in through your web browser to model, rig, animate, composite, and edit, with access to the tools you already use every day.

Paid Opportunities

We have commercial productions approaching us to use our platform on a regular basis. These exciting projects need talented artists to turn them into realities! Join our community of creatives to be matched with the projects that are a fit for your sweet skills.


You’ll have access to powerful, top of the line tools used by the biggest studios. Industry standard software used by the pros, all available to you at the click of an icon. No need to download and install software. Wooo!

Data Management

Everything in the Nimble platform is structured, asset based and versioned. This saves you from the hassle of coordinating where to save files, syncing data between team members, software versioning nightmares and more. You can work on assets, give and get feedback, preview shots, and collaborate with your team without uploading and downloading constantly.


You will see the power of the cloud-based workflow when you collaborate with others. Easily divided up work and send it to artists simply through a link. Share your streaming session to work simultaneously on the same asset. And as a project lead, you can assign tasks, grant access, and organize your team as you see fit.


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