For brands that are interested in animation but aren’t sure where to start, we’re able to guide you through ideas and how to “wow” your target audience with the finished product. Animated content can integrate products or services on behalf of your brands in order to convey a marketing message in an entertaining way.

Animation can add clarity to brand messaging and engage the audience in a deep and meaningful way that reflects back on your brand. With a cost effective way to add another layer of depth to your brand message, you are free to explore new avenues of messaging and brand awareness.

High Quality

Whether you use an agency or an internal team you’ll have access to an amazing array of animators, riggers, modelers, pre-viz artists, and creators on the Nimble platform. You’ll have your choice of quality talent. Post a job or contact an artist directly. You’ll be able to add them to your team with the click of a button.


With a cost effective option to create animated brand assets, you can try new things, spin up a project, work with a remote team, and explore your options. And just as quickly as you can spin up a project, you can just as quickly wind it down, without the brick and mortar investment in hardware, software, office space, potted plants, trash cans, those little desk lamps … you know, all that “stuff”.

Project Management

With Nimble’s platform you can assign team members tasks and grant them access to the assets they need. With a centralized data management system you can see the real time progress of your project and track who’s worked on which files. Add or remove team members as the production moves through the pipeline, secure in the knowledge that your project is always at your fingertips.


Only those users you designate can have access to your online assets. You can set varying levels of access, or remove access entirely. In addition, persistent online assets means you have complete insight into your project, including access logs and version histories.


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