Nimble Collective has developed a Cloud Animation Platform, just like the big studios who have spent millions of dollars creating for themselves. In this case, though, the platform is a virtual, collaborative workspace for creating animation, built for creators by creators. If you have a computer and the Internet, you have the power to create from anywhere! No downloads, no software installed, no local files. With the Nimble Collective platform, you truly have the power to create, collaborate and have your own virtual studio!

Some Questions You May Have

So is Nimble Collective a kind of virtual studio?

We’re not a production studio. This isn’t our story. It’s the story of you, and your big idea, being hindered by the barriers on the road to creation. Our goal is to empower you and millions of others to create your own animated content. Nimble will provide you with the tools, processes, and advice to create and distribute your original works. Nimble is really about the success of you and allowing you to be your own studio!

How will Nimble help me make an animated film?

We provide a pipeline that you can use to get up and running in the time it takes to say “I wish they’d bring back Firefly!” (as you should). You can get together and start a virtual animation studio on the spot and be in production minutes later. You won’t have to worry about downloading and installing tools, versions of software or whether the software will work.

What tools will you have in the pipeline?

We’re working with a lot of animation software vendors and they’re excited about having a package that pulls the complex process together. Creators will have a choice of software depending on what they want to get involved with. Since we’re software agnostic, you and your team can animate, render, composite, and edit using your favorite animation tools in both 2D and 3D.

How will Nimble help me find collaborators I need to make the film?

Nimble won’t provide the talent per se, but the community will. You will be able to create a new project and invite collaborators to take a look and join in to help out. There’ll be lots of opportunities for painters, story artists, writers, animators, riggers and modelers – who can bop from project to project from any place in the world. At the same time, there will be an advising component for those who would like professional input. If you’re a vetted pro, Nimble will give you the opportunity to connect with aspiring artists around the world who will benefit from your guidance…and we’ll help you prosper from doing so.

How will Nimble manage my team?

Nimble won’t micromanage. We are building an infrastructure where you can do your own budgets, schedule-planning, and revenue sharing if you want. That will be automatically tracked in Nimble. You and your collaborators could be in a brick and mortar studio that uses the platform inside the walls or you could be in your living room siting on your couch collaborating with others around the world.

How can I be sure my content in the Nimble cloud will be secure?

You never sync between your local laptop and the cloud or your local laptop and another local laptop. Everything is living in the cloud. It’s one garden with a wall around it, not millions of little gardens with pathways. One walled garden. Once you’re inside, it’s very secure. Everyone providing this service takes security very seriously.

When will Nimble Collective be ready for people to join?

We already have a bunch of really cool productions underway on the platform. We limited our first “Pilot Program” to a small group of invited guests…independent artists, writers, cartoonists, and illustrators who are first-time directors, directing their own brilliant ideas into creation. We’re helping them to connect with our network of artists, composers, editors and others to bring their films into reality. We’re all very eager for the world to see what they’ve been up to!


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