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Branded Short Films

Perhaps you have seen the beautifully animated branded short films circling the world lately?
Whether it’s a can of beans or a lovable scarecrow, animated shorts are a great way to create an emotional connection with your customers.

We come from feature film studios, like Pixar and Dreamworks, so we know what it takes to tell great stories through animation.
We can bring this same level of professional quality to your branded short film.
In fact, we did this for all of our “pilot program” short films that are currently out winning awards right and left.

Why Nimble?

Nimble Collective was founded by leaders of movies like Shrek, Madagascar, Megamind, and Peabody and Sherman just to name a few. The Nimble Collective community is made up of pros who have worked at Pixar, Dreamworks, Weta and other high-end studios. Check out the sizzle reel of what they can do!

By moving the studio infrastructure to the cloud we have greatly reduced overhead costs.
This means that more of your budget goes into the animation quality.
In short: Much more bang for your buck.
How much more? It depends on your scope and needs. Contact us and we can talk about it!
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