Onboard Your Next Animator in Days, Not Weeks, with a Cloud-Based Platform

onboard your next animator in days

It’s Monday morning, and you’ve got a new artist starting work at your studio today.

Are you excited to bring a new team member on board and eager to show them the ropes so your latest project will be finished on schedule?

Or are you dreading the days (or probably weeks— let’s be realistic) ahead, knowing how painful it’s going to be to transform this person into a functional part of your team?

If your previous experiences reflect those of most studio execs, the latter probably sounds eerily familiar.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The entire onboarding experience is about to change for the better. Here’s how.


Create a Flexible Start Plan

One of the first onboarding obstacles you’ll likely encounter is your new employee’s start date. If they’re currently employed elsewhere, they’ll need to give notice to their employer. This will probably take two weeks, if not longer.

This process can drag out even longer if the employee is required to relocate, particularly to a place where housing is a hot commodity. You could be looking at a start date that’s as far as a month out.

This might seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but there are ways to work around them.

A cloud-based animation studio allows for new employees to connect remotely and start going through your training materials before the ever set foot into the office. They can begin the onboarding process and familiarize themselves with your systems in the evenings or on weekends. When the time comes for them to join your team full time, they’ll be ready to jump in.

Or remove the need for relocation completely if you are open to allowing your artists to work remotely. They can start working from their current location, without the stress and hassle of uprooting their families and finding a place to live, you can get them started sooner than ever.

Working remotely is easier than ever with a cloud-based animation platform. All they’ll need to start work is a laptop, a reliable and high-speed internet connection, and relatively close proximity to the data centers hosting your studio.


Take the Plunge Into a Project

One of the best ways to learn anything is to jump right in and do it. The sooner your new artist is able to start working on a project, the better.

They’ll get a better understanding for the ins and outs of your processes, and they’ll be able to work directly with your software and systems, enabling them to get a firm grasp on it faster than ever.

Concerned about (inevitable) mistakes made by the newbie? A cloud-based animation platform with robust versioning for files and assets ensures that no mistake is permanent— simply re-set back to the previous version and try again.

Nothing is lost forever, and your artists can experiment without fear. Innovation doesn’t occur when your artists are too afraid to try something new.


Focus on the Productivity, Not the Back-End Details

You brought an artist on board to create— the faster they’re creating, the better.

Wasting their time (and yours) with days or weeks of training, particularly if they’re experienced with the platform you use, just delays the project even further. A streamlined workflow will help them focus on what you hired them to do – make great work!.

Incorporating a cloud-based animation platform will reduce the distractions related to onboarding, such as installing appropriate software and ensuring that their machine is capable of handling the work.

Instead, they can sit down and start working as soon as they familiarize themselves with the intuitive interface.


Share the Big Picture

One of the biggest challenges related to onboarding a new team-member is incorporating them into the existing workflow.

You hired your artists because you believe they have the talent and ability to not just undertake, but enhance the work. Empower them from day one by sharing with them the whole scope of the project.


A cloud-based platform enables a level of transparency that’s not found with a traditional workflow. Artists will have access to different aspects of the project, allowing them to see what’s been done as well as what’s to come. They’ll get a feel for the style and tone of the project faster if they’re able to take a closer look at it.


Reduce Bottlenecks and Wait Times

Working within a cloud-based animation platform means that there’s a lot less “hurry up and wait” in your onboarding process. Say the artist gets their new-hire paperwork completed in record time, they’ve already wrapped up their work at their previous job, and they’re ready to start. Today.

Are you ready for them to get started?

If your studio using a traditional workflow, the answer is most likely no.

You need to ensure that you’ve got a machine set up and ready to go. You need to double check that the machine has all the required software installed. When you think about it, you’re not quite prepared to begin onboarding a new employee. In fact, you could probably use a couple of extra days to get everything ready. But taking a few days to pull it all together isn’t going to help that project with the looming deadline get completed any faster.

This is where virtual workstations in a cloud-based animation platform truly shine. You don’t have to worry about loading software onto a machine Everything is already configured and ready to go!

If your new hire is familiar with your cloud-based animation platform, they can be up and running in minutes. If they’re not, they’ll be navigating the workflow with ease within a day or two. Regardless, the too-long timeline to which you’re accustomed is a thing of the past.  


Nimble Collective offers a free demo that showcases how their Nimble Studio platform can greatly accelerate your studio’s onboarding and ramp up time. Contact us today to schedule your live demo or check out our video here.

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