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Animation VFX workflow using Maya and Houdini
Amazing 2D animation creation and editorial: Adobe Animate to Adobe Premiere Pro
Seamless storyboarding and editing: Toon Boom StoryBoard Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro
Autodesk Shotgun production management to Nimble Studio

Global Data Centers

With data centers around the globe, you have access to animation talent anywhere. Assemble your team from around the world and have them online and working with you in minutes. No airfare necessary!

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Asset Based Workflow = Easy Adoption

We have spent a lot of time making the Nimble Studio front-end artist friendly. Our asset-based workflow allows creators to focus on making great content. No need to worry about any of the underlying technology. We have it covered!

Nimble Studio - Asset Based Workflow

Local or Virtual Workstations

NEW FEATURE – Nimble Studio now supports the ability to work on assets on your local studio machines or you can access our high-end virtual workstations. This hybrid workflow allows for studios to use the machines they have already invested in and also spin up virtual machines to employ remote artist or work off site while maintaining the advantage of having everyone working in the same workflow.

Robust Review System

NEW FEATURE – Nimble Studio now features integration with RGB notes, a rich annotation tool that allows for frame-by-frame drawing, painting and notation. Now the critical feedback loops that studios thrive on can happen seamlessly across the globe.

RGB Notes

Production Managment

NEW FEATURE – Industry standard production management now available through our integration with Autodesk Shotgun. Create project templates and automatically set up assets and shots. This greatly accelerates production times by automating the repetitive tasks in the startup phase of production.

Integrated / Scalable Compute Farm

Directly integrated into Nimble Studio is a fully scaleable compute farm capable of rendering thousands of images or heavy FX simulations.


Security is a top priority. Our platform comes complete with ACL functionality for all users. Additionally we make use of Azure cloud services which is the only cloud service to earn the MPAA certification for security.

Public API

COMING SOON – The Nimble Studio Public API will allow animation studios to quickly customize their pipelines and create custom integrations. This powerful API will be released later in 2018. For current integrations and customization we are working with our customers directly. Please contact us if you have more questions about this.

Nimble Collective Platform

Advanced Versioning

Our platform versions files and assets. What does that mean? Well a versioned asset means that if some one messes up thirty different files that make up a character or shot, we’ve got you covered. No need to track down all those individual files. Simply roll back the entire asset with one click!

Scalability and Team Expansion

Our cloud-based nature means that your studio can easily scale. You simply just need to add more people to your project. Need more talent? Our partner Zerply has you covered! They have a fantastic platform and community of over 15,000 vetted industry professionals. Click the link to connect on Zerply.


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Spin up a studio on the spot! No need to get a large building. No need to invest in, install and maintain animation technology. Simply pay for the on-demand virtual studio infrastructure per artist. This low overhead style of working means more budget flows to the artists which means higher quality content!


You can scale your studio up or down depending on workload without having to make the “brick and mortar” investment in equipment, software, and office space. You can invite team members to a production with the simple click of a link. If you are looking to easily scale and lower overhead you have come to the right place.

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