Nimble Collective Speaks at Siggraph 2017

Nimble Collective at Siggraph 2017

Some Nimble Collective heavy hitters will be taking the stage at Siggraph 2017. You can catch Nimble co-founder Jason Schleifer and Senior Production Manager Corban Gossett this Thursday, August 1st, at the following Birds of a Feather panels:

Remote Studio Productions: Online Collaboration – Tuesday, August 1st 3:30-5:00 Room 511A
Jason will be participating in a discussion of issues related to online collaboration in production. Animator, leader, character technical director and workflow guy, Jason and his mad scientist eyebrows have been pushing the boundaries of CG animation and sharing his knowledge for nearly 20 years.


Animation Educators Forum – Tuesday, August 1st 11:00-12:00 Room 511A
Corban speaks with fellow technologists and animation educators on the merits or drawbacks of adapting current teaching models to use open-source software. With a 20+ year history of developing products and integrating feature animation pipelines, Corban spends most of his time defining new workflows, balancing key requirements and helping corral everyone’s demands while helping design the Nimble Platform.

Birds of a Feather are graphics-related, attendee-organized, informational discussions of shared interests, goals, technologies and/or backgrounds.

Nimble Collective
Nimble Collective
Nimble Collective is THE cloud animation platform, revolutionizing the way animation is created. We also like long walks on the beach and curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Inside a house that is. Not outside. Soggy books are no fun.

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