Nimble Collective Releases Animated Short from Studio Partner Chocolate Soop

First Collaboration Launch from Virtual Studio Service Platform

Mountain View, CAApril 18, 2017

Nimble Collective announces the release of ‘Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning’ – an all new whimsical animated short from studio partner Chocolate Soop.

This creative animated short featuring two little robots who live in a factory world is the first full release of a project created in collaboration with Nimble Collective’s Virtual Studio Service Platform. This Platform, when fully realized, will up-end the animation industry by giving Creators the tools they need to create and complete animated projects without requiring the backing of a multi-million dollar studio setting.

This original animation features robo-besties, Sunny and Gerd in their very first adventure as they use an interdimensional portal to clean up. What could go wrong?! Watch the full short here: Sunny and Gerd.

Nimble Collective, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing the animation industry by crafting the first cloud native animation platform, allows creators to leverage experience and guidance from Academy Award-winning industry innovators. Working under the studio name ‘Chocolate Soop,’ self-taught, multi-faceted Canadian illustrator DaCosta (DaCosta!) Bayley, a longtime professional illustrator, is making his debut as a director with this project

More information about “Sunny and Gerd” and the project can be found at, and

Nimble Collective, founded by Academy Award-winning animators and technology entrepreneurs, is revolutionizing the animation content market. The Mountain View, California startup is developing an end-to-end virtual streaming collaborative animation platform that will be the engine behind a new generation of animators and creators. With all the production capabilities of the animation pipeline hosted in a secure cloud environment, animators and their collaborators, wherever they are in the world, will be able to spend more time creating instead of managing complex and expensive infrastructure. ‘Be Your Own Studio.’

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