Nimble Collective Extends its Enterprise-Class Animation Platform with the Acquisition of RGB Notes

RGB Notes

Cloud-Based Animation Review Tool Is the Newest Addition to Nimble Studio for Enterprise Animation Production

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.Dec. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nimble Collective, a company that is revolutionizing the animation industry by offering studio-level capabilities without the costly infrastructure, today announced its acquisition of RGB Notes, a cloud-based suite of collaboration tools for animators, video editors and visual artists. With the addition and integration of RGB Notes, Nimble Collective now offers a comprehensive platform for professional animation studios and enterprise animation production, all available in the cloud.

Learn more about RGB Notes in this video presentation.

One of the biggest trends in entertainment and marketing in recent years has been rising demand for animated content, and as more animation teams are seeking to deliver more content faster, the professional tools for animation production are migrating to the cloud. RGB Notes is an ideal addition for the Nimble Studio platform; RGB Notes is a professional time-based media review system that lets professional animators, video editors and visual artists collaborate instantly within the browser by securely sharing files, drawing and animating, editing existing video content, conducting advanced video navigation, keyframing, text annotation, and more. RGB Notes will enable Nimble users to deliver tight cycles of reviews and feedback with excellent performance and responsiveness to have a shared collaborative editing experience.

“RGB Notes is a fantastic addition to Nimble Studio, and we are excited to offer its capabilities to our user base of professional animators,” said Rex Grignon, Co-Founder and CEO, Nimble Collective. “RGB Notes is one of the most groundbreaking cloud tools for animation production and editing, and their services are an ideal fit for what Nimble Collective is creating for the world of animation.”

“Nimble Collective shares our vision for the future of animation production, with cloud-based animation teams delivering higher quality content more cost-effectively than ever before,” said Eriks Vitolins, Co-Founder, RGB Notes. “Everyone at RGB Notes is thrilled to become part of the Nimble Collective team and we look forward to continuing our combined mission of transforming the future of animation production.”

Nimble Collective, with the combined capabilities of RGB Notes and backed by the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, is delivering the advanced capabilities of a professional animation studio, but accessible remotely via the cloud and scalable for animation teams of all sizes. In September, the company launched Nimble Studio, the industry’s first end-to-end cloud-based platform for commercial studios and enterprise animation production.

About Nimble Collective
Founded in 2014 by Academy Award-winning animators and technology entrepreneurs, Nimble Collective is revolutionizing the animation content market by offering studio-level capabilities without the costly infrastructure. With all the production capabilities of the animation pipeline hosted in a secure cloud environment, animators and their collaborators, wherever they are in the world, are able to spend more time creating instead of managing complex and expensive infrastructure. With Nimble Collective, studios can save up to 75% on overhead and let more budget flow into the quality of the production. Nimble Collective is the brainchild of animators Rex Grignon (Toy Story, Madagascar, and founding head of character animation at DreamWorks), Jason Schleifer (Lord of the Rings, Megamind) and Scott LaFleur(How to Train Your Dragon, Megamind). Learn more at

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