Melon Shorts

Nimble Collective is proud to present Melon Shorts! These animated gems spring from the mind of cartoonist Mike Shiell and hisWandering Melon comic strip. Being a veteran cartoonist, Mike is never short of ideas, but with Nimble’s help he was able to break free of the comic page and breathe life into his menagerie of crazy characters. We love a good laugh and when we saw Mike’s comic strips we knew there was serious potential to expand upon the original visual gags and let Mike craft mini stories around his cartoon universe. And what better tool to animate this 2D insanity than Harmony and Storyboard Pro from Toon Boom. In the meantime, you can check out a brief write up on making the jump from webcomics to animation and the Melon Shorts Pintrest board featuring videos, pre-production art, and more.

Nimble Collective
Nimble Collective
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