The Many Faced Domino – Pt.2

Domino Render

In the second installment of this tutorial series, Haley shows you how to randomize the face value on a group of dominoes using a python script. If you haven’t watched part 1 yet, go back and check it out before viewing part 2!

Download the python script here!

The Many Faced Domino – Part 2 from Nimble Collective on Vimeo.

Haley Kannall
Haley Kannall
Haley is a member of the community team, helping the Nimble Community members to be successful in their creative endeavors. She’s had the wonderful opportunity to do lighting on several of the Pilot Program films, as well as assist on 4039 productions. She is a story enthusiast with a passion for scuba diving and Thai food.

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  1. Jakenymous says:

    wow, keep these coming! Great learning material 🙂

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