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Rodrigo Blaas

“I know Rex from Nimble from a long time ago, and he’s always been telling me how he wanted to enable storytellers to use different technologies.”

-Rodrigo Blaas, creator/director – ‘One Morning’

Their Story:
Lytro has pioneered Light Field technology and created truly groundbreaking immersive live action VR experiences. Lytro VT applies the same core tech to existing CG content. To show off this latest innovation, Lytro wanted to create a truly immersive CG experience with the quality of an animated feature film. The team looked to Nimble Collective for help.

Lytro needed to find a team or studio to produce its high-end CG VR demo with access to top-tier talent.

By leveraging Nimble Collective’s virtual studio platform, Lytro was able to gather a remote team without the need to set up office space, desks, computers, software, and everything an old-school animation studio needs. As for talent, Nimble connected Lytro with award-winning director, Rodrigo Blaas, who not only has a high level of expertise but was able to bring experienced talent onboard to collaborate on the project. With the entire team accessing the files, making notes, creating assets, and animating on the platform, Nimble Collective helped deliver One Morning, the world’s first animated Light Field VR experience.

Why Nimble?
Simply put, Nimble Collective provided its innovative cloud-based animation platform and access to its creative community to help realize Lytro’s lofty and cutting-edge vision.

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