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Andrew Conroy

“Nimble allowed us to get multiple artists up and running with HUGE tech resources in minutes. With our tight deadlines and high standards, Nimble Collective truly allows us to be, well, nimble!”

-Andrew Conroy, Director

Their Story:
Long Winter Studio, in partnership with Rockstar, produced a short film to celebrate the release of Maya 2018 and highlight the best of Maya’s workflow, from beginning to end. Wall of Death would showcase Maya’s animation and modeling in a dynamic and entertaining way.

Being a small shop, and working on the film from script to screen, meant the team would need to work extra hard to take the entire project through to completion in a timely manner. Long Winter Studios would have a great deal of post-production work to get the highest quality output required to showcase Maya’s capabilities in the best light. Getting a team of artists up and running, with all the technical overhead involved, could severely impact the schedule

With Nimble Collective, the Wall of Death team was able to run a high volume of footage through the pipeline quickly and easily. Nimble’s robust platform cut down on the time to do comp work and post-production faster than ever and saved the studio a ton of time. By streamlining the onboarding process and allowing the artists to access their tools and files in the cloud (no installing software, no file synching) meant they could spend more time creating and less time configuring.

Why Nimble?
Nimble Collective’s online streaming pipeline allowed the Long Winter Studio team to save time and money on their project. By getting their team up and running quickly, while keeping the technical overhead to a minimum, they could focus on creating amazing animation.

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