Layout Artists Wanted in British Columbia, Canada!

Dacosta! Robots

It’s a robot party and you’re invited!

Dacosta!, an animation director based in Vancouver, Canada, is working with Nimble Collective on a short film that will be released later in 2016. We seek pre-vis and shot prep experts to move us into the next phase. This is a paid gig that is currently in pre-production and now we need you to breathe life into these robotic besties.

You’ll be working in pre-vis or shot prep with world-class industry veterans as part of a stealth creative team in the B.C. area who are proficient in Blender and have the skill and enthusiasm to join us in this fun, exciting, and high profile (but secret) short film. Remember, it’s secret. But very cool. Secretly cool!

If you live in the B.C. area, are ready to be a part of an animation transformation, and work on a crazy fun short film … with ROBOTS (we mean the characters are robots, not, like, robots who animate) then contact us at

Dacosta! ( is a designer and illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada, and is the creator and driving force behind the ‘March of Robots!’ (MOR!). He has funded and produced his own line of vinyl toys & apps and recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring his first print collection of robot drawings and interactive augmented reality concepts.

Nimble Collective (, a creative startup led by Academy Award-winning animators and technology entrepreneurs, has closed an $8.5 million round of funding, led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA). With this investment, Nimble Collective plans to develop a cloud-based, end-to-end platform and online animation community.


  1. Adam Juhasz says:

    If ONLY this could be a remote gig (come on cloud platform…:) I would be IN!

  2. Hi Adam! Yep, this is exactly the sort of project we are creating the platform for. However, on THIS particular project they are trying to keep it in B.C. as much as possible since they get a nice tax rebate form the Canadian government. BUT, stay tuned for more Nimble news and good stuff coming down the pipeline. 😉

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