Increase Studio Profits By Using A Cloud-Based Animation Platform

Increase studio profits with cloud based platform

Your studio produces top-notch work. That’s for certain. But are you able to produce that work in a way that will maximize profitability?

Today, companies are doing just that by investing in cloud solutions. In fact, companies that invest in cloud/mobile platforms report up to 53% faster revenue growth.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the ways that a cloud-based animation platform will help you shrug off traditional limitations and accelerate your studio’s profitability.

Good Workflow Increases Efficiencies

Your team needs a powerful workflow to create top-notch work, but there are corners that can be cut. For instance, simply standardizing your workflow will significantly reduce the amount of time your team spends creating tools and workarounds to support specific productions.

A cloud-based platform will ensure that everyone on the team has access to all the tools they need— no one is wasting time trying to figure out how to replicate the function their coworker managed to perform on their own machine. Instead, everyone is working with the same software at the same time; they’ve got what they need to create the effects they’ve envisioned.

Do you feel that a lot of time is being wasted as members of your team wait for an IT person to handle an issue that’s arisen with the software?

With a cloud-based platform, your artists won’t be twiddling their thumbs as they wait for someone from IT to handle the problem. Instead, their issues will be immediately addressed by cloud providers. Downtime is reduced, which ensures that while your artists are logged on to work, they’re actually working.

Take On More Projects With Confidence

Of course, another way to accelerate your profitability is to increase the amount of work you produce.

This might have been a strain in the past. But with a cloud-based platform, hiring and supporting new artists is so simple, energy that previously went into hiring and training new animators can now be put into expansion.

And a global, remote talent pool means you can scale up your studio faster and take on new work that might have been harder to handle in the past.

Turning down a potentially profitable project is demoralizing at best, and could cost you even more business in the long run.

A cloud-based animation infrastructure could allow you to tackle another project with confidence; you know that you have the capability to scale your team with ease, so you’re willing to take on more work.

Onboarding takes next to no time, so you can grow to meet your clients’ needs.  

Imagine that a client comes to you and asks if a project can be completed earlier than anticipated. If you could look that client in the eye and tell them it’s possible. Think of the goodwill you’d generate!

However, you can’t do that unless you’re confident that you can scale up mid-project. A cloud-based animation platform offers you the safety net you need to extend your team.

Alternately, say that your team has a project that’s been plagued with issues from day one. The deadline is looming, and the last thing you want to do is go to the client and explain that it’s not going to be completed on time.

When you can draw on creative talent from across the globe, you can assemble a team that can help you not just finish the project, but create content that makes you proud.

A cloud-based animation workflow also increases your studio’s capacity to take on a larger workload. When you have several teams of talented creatives working at once, you won’t just produce work faster, but you can take on more work each year.

Again, the more work you do, the higher your potential profits— but that’s only the case if you’re not wasting a lot of time and money onboarding and relocating talent.

Yet another advantage of a cloud-based animation workflow is the extra time you’ll save. And we all know the old saying, “Time is money.”

When you’re not spending a lot of time hiring and onboarding animators, you can spend more time ensuring that the content your studio is producing is up to your exacting standards. Quality control can move to the forefront when you’re not panicking about whether you’ve got enough people to finish the project in the first place.

Reduce Wasteful Spending

You know it’s worthwhile to invest in your team; after all, they are the creative force behind the projects that you’re proud to share with the world. That said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to reduce wasteful spending in this area.

One of the best ways to accelerate your profits is to enable your team to work remotely. For one, people who work remotely have reduced sick time, which means less downtime for your projects. Remote workers also report feeling healthier and more motivated.

When a remote employee feels a little under the weather, they’re more likely to put in at least a partial workday if they can do it from the comfort of their own home; if they were forced to make an appearance at the office, they might choose to call in sick to avoid spreading their illness to their coworkers.

When your team is ready to work, even when they’re fighting a nasty cold, you’ll see a reduction in time-consuming bottlenecks. You’ve probably seen it before: A member of the team is ill for a few days, so their work sits untouched until they’re back in the studio.

This break in momentum plagues the project until its completion. The artists working down the line are forced to wait until the work shows up, and then work faster in hopes of recovering the lost time and staying on track to meet the looming deadline. Unfortunately, attempting to recover lost time by working faster isn’t necessarily conducive to creativity— the quality of the project could suffer.

A sick day can throw the whole project into chaos; a cloud-based platform can keep the workflow moving forward, no matter what.

In addition to eliminating potentially damaging bottlenecks, your team will work better when they’re permitted to work remotely.  A study found that 77% of employees were more productive working offsite, 30% felt they accomplished more in less time, and another 24% accomplished more within the same work hours.

Reduced Office Space Expenses

Office space is a huge expense, particularly in the major metropolitan areas in which many studios are based.

If you need space large enough to accommodate your entire team, and you need to heat, cool, and pay rent on that space, not to mention the costs related to tech infrastructure, you’re looking at potentially tens of thousands of dollars each month.

Using a cloud-based animation platform like Nimble, you don’t have to have space available for everyone on your team. In fact, your team could be comfortable working from their homes, miles away from your office, so long as they’re in close proximity to a data center. Reducing your office space footprint could make a huge impact on your studio’s profitability.

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