Harness The Power Of Animation For Memorable Content

Power of Animation

Animation Gives You Ultimate Creative Control

The power of animated content lies in one word: Control. In animation, you can control and create anything you want. Which means that you are only limited by your imagination and vision … and your budget perhaps. Time, space, physics, light, color are all under your control so that you communicate exactly the message or feeling you are shooting for.

This level of control can lead to some incredibly impactful and moving content. Whether it is a heartwarming, Pixar-like short with adorable characters or a dynamic and engaging advertisement for a new product, animation can make your content more memorable.

Animation used to be an expensive and laborious process, with equipment, studio space, and a team of animation professionals. Animation had to be hand drawn, painted, photographed, edited, and more! Only fully funded and well-staffed studios could produce feature film quality animation. But now, with the advent of the digital age, animation is more accessible than ever. Feature quality animation can be achieved for the same budgets as live action content.

Why is animation such a successful tool?

  1. It’s attention grabbing
  2. Keeps audiences engaged
  3. Quick and concise message delivery
  4. The ability to explain complex ideas
  5. Makes a long lasting impression
  6. Create a completely unique visual identity

How does this all happen?  Let’s look at these one at a time.

It’s Attention Grabbing – If it moves, we look at it.
Bottom line, our eyes are hardcoded to look for movement. Animation gives us the ability to craft every frame of movement so that the eyes of the viewer are directed where we need them to go. We are also programmed to look at high points of contrast. Again, with animated content, we have infinite control over color, value, and texture. That lets us be as subtle or heavy-handed as we want when directing the audience’s eyes.

Keeps Audiences Engaged – Emotion equals engagement.
With animation, you get the double benefit of visual appeal combined with crafted storytelling. A good animation director, based on years of experience, knows how to take a brand message, and pull the maximum emotion out of every story beat. Just when it’s most important, an animated ad can deliver an emotional punch through heartfelt character moments, surprises, jokes, humor, or more serious dramatic storytelling.

Animation Examples

Signature characters, powerful effects, and stories all grab the viewers attention.

Quick and Concise Message Delivery – Message clarity at 24 frames a second.
Animation allows you to control everything on screen. Which mean you can be as verbose or as economical as you want.  You can design everything to elicit the feeling you want in your viewer. Which is clearer and more dynamic: a paragraph of text describing a sneaker, a static photo of a person running with sneakers, or an animated, flaming sneaker, burning up the track with speed? Create visuals that make an impact on viewers and deliver your message in a unique and impactful way.

The Ability To Explain Complex Ideas – Bringing clarity to complicated concepts
Some of the most effective training and learning takes place through simple visuals. Charts, graphs, statistics, and infographics can all deliver data in an easily digestible way. Yet add in animation and your data comes to life. You can also use a simple infographic style combined with animation to go beyond data and animate a business model, shipping pipeline, inner workings of a computational engine – just about any model or concept you can think of.

Making a long-lasting impression – Connections that last.
We remember things that make an impact on us.  Why not let your audience fall in love with a character and make a long lasting impression, at the same time as you deliver your message?  We are EMOTIONAL folks! When we feel things we REMEMBER them!  Animation can trigger strong emotions. Animation’s control allows you to get the maximum effect for every one of your narrative beats.

Create a Unique Visual Identity – Set your content apart
Animation’s true power lies in its ability to be completely unique. Because you are not bound by reality, you can separate your content from everyone else’s. There is no need to have just another live action video clip with slow motion people moving around their daily activities. You can have your own crafted, creative identity and let everyone else blend into the background. A good case study of this is Cricket Wireless. While all the other wireless companies repetitively show people in their stores talking to sales associates, Cricket’s creative team chose to create an entirely different world with strange little furry monsters. It’s totally unique and very memorable.

Animation gives you ultimate creative control. This can help your content be EMOTIONAL, accessible, make a lasting impact, be VISUALLY unique, keep audiences engaged and is now affordable.  It’s MEMORABLE!

The next time you need to get your message across, think about using animation to do it.  Your audience will love you for it!

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