The Great Mouse Launch – Part 5: Fly You Fool

In part 5 of the Great Mouse Launch Series, Jason shows how to combine the domino scene ( with Robyn and the Seesaw!

Download File

In order to truly appreciate the tutorial, you’ll need to download the Robyn and Seesaw blend file.  You can do so here!

Tutorial Breakdown

There are a lot of things covered in this tutorial, so here are some direct links to particular sections of the video:

00:05 – Introduction
00:35 – New Theme:
00:54 – Robyn and Seesaw File: [ddownload id=”2199″]

01:35 – Appending a file
02:17 – Layers
03:29 – Using Layers for Appending
04:37 – Adding rigid body dynamics to Robyn and Seesaw
05:20 – Collision Groups
06:05 – Hinge Constraints
11:25 – Building an additional platform on the seesaw
12:50 – Adding a new hinge constraint between the platform and the seesaw
13:45 – Placing Robyn on platform
14:25 – Adding a cube to test dynamics
14:50 – Adding limits to hinge constraint
16.05 – Applying Transformations to save the initial state.
16:40 – Fixing the hinge constraint position
17:55 – Merging the layers
19:15 – Watching the mouse get launched!
19:30 – Adjusting the frame range and rigid body cache


Jason Schleifer
Jason Schleifer
Jason and his mad scientist eyebrows have been pushing the boundaries of CG animation and sharing his knowledge for nearly 20 years. Widely recognized as an industry leader and mentor to hundreds of animators, Schleifer, formerly of Weta Digital and Head of Character Animation at DreamWorks, now works as Head of Content and is a co-founder of Nimble Collective.

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