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How much does it cost?

The Nimble Studio has a wide variety of pricing options available for studios, both big and small. Depending on your team size, deadline, software requirements and more, we can provide a cost analysis based on your needs.

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How can I get Nimble Studio?

If you are a studio in North America that creates animation (films, effects, games, etc.) then contact us. We can talk about getting access to Nimble Studio for your projects. Global expansion is on the way as we add more data centers around the world, so let us know where you’d like to use Nimble Studio.

What tools can I use?

Along with many open source options, Nimble Studio currently offers the top industry standard tools used by the biggest production companies. If you have a tool you want to use, chances are we have it on Nimble Studio. We are constantly adding software with each release, so please contact us today for the most current list of all the software available on Nimble Studio.

Does Nimble Collective provide software licenses?

No. Nimble Studio is currently a B.Y.O.L. (Bring Your Own License) platform. You purchase software licenses as you normally would from the software vendors. Then use those credentials once you log into your Nimble Studio account.

Will my data be safe?

Nimble Studio includes ACL functionality for all users. Administrators can grant or revoke access to individual files or entire branches of the pipeline quickly and easily. In addition, Nimble Studio runs on Microsoft Azure servers that meet stringent MPAA compliance for asset and file security.

Is it just a virtual machine?

While streaming the applications on virtual workstations can be a big part of the platform, the real power of Nimble Studio is the pipeline. Not only do you get access to the latest software at the click of an icon, you get a production backbone that allows you to track files. Furthermore, you can review shots and assets in real time. And best of all, avoid folders stuffed with file names like “shot02_Final-FINAL_version10” with auto-versioning and roll back.

Do I need constant Internet access?

You do while you are streaming applications, and while uploading or downloading files. You also have the option to use Nimble Studio in an off-line mode. Ultimately this allows an artist to work locally on tools they have available and then upload them back into the project pipeline.

Is There Lag When Streaming?

As with any streaming service (movies, games, etc.) your latency is determined by the strength of your Internet connection and your proximity to data centers. We’ve regularly seen near real-time latency of 10ms (miliseconds) for users on Nimble Studio accessing our data centers across the U.S.

What happens to my files once my project is done?

Your files belong to you, 100%. And because Nimble Studio doesn’t use proprietary software, you can open and use your files elsewhere using the native applications they were built in.

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