Customer success is a huge focus for Nimble Collective. Learn how studios have used Nimble Studio to create 2D and 3D animation and save time and money.

“Nimble Studio is an exciting step forward for animation and VFX. The future is remote, cloud-based solutions where borders and time zones are no longer barriers. Shomen Productions is 100% remote. We ramp up our team through Zerply and run our productions on Nimble. It’s an end-to-end solution that will be the production model of the future.”

Early Access Customer
James Bennett, CEO & Co-founder of
Shomen Productions and Zerply
Long Winter Studios

Wall of Death

Long Winter Studio had a mountain of post-production work they needed to assemble for their short, Wall of Death. As a small shop, they needed a platform that was robust enough to handle a high volume of footage. In addition, it still needed to be fast and easy to access.

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One Morning

Lytro wanted to create a short CG VR experience to highlight its new Light Field solution, Lytro Volume Tracer. To do so, the team needed access to professional talent and resources.  Therefore this meant utilizing experienced connections in the animation industry as well as gaining insight into what it entails to successfully produce and deliver a high-end animated production.

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Two Ghosts

Coin Operated

Award-winning director Nicholas Arioli had a script but needed access to a pool of high-quality talent to bring his story to life. Shooting for feature film quality animation, Two Ghosts Studio was able to assemble a team of AAA creatives to design, model, rig, animate, light, and render his Coin Operated short. As a result, the hard work paid off and his short burned up the festival circuit and was eventually up for Oscar consideration.

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Scribble Ghost


Merging 2D photo plates with 3D animation meant technical challenges were the bread and butter of the Disrupted team. Bringing the Scribble Ghost Studios micro-series to life meant quick review, fast iteration, and immediate feedback were crucial to success. Finally, with the assets already on the platform, future episodes could be turned around in a fraction of the time.

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Grasshopper Studios

Roadside Assistance

Storyboards in hand, recent SJSU Animation graduate Kathy McNeal was able to harness her connections with other SHSU alumni and students to create Roadside Assistance. Using open-source tools like Blender kept the project under budget: savings that rolled back into the production. This tale, grounded in personal tragedy, was made with the highest quality and for a modest budget thanks to Nimble.

Chocolate Soop

Sunny & GERD

Dacosta’s Chocolate Soop Productions knew illustration, toy design, merchandising, book publishing, and more. The studio eventually turned its creative eye towards animation. Dacosta’s crack team of creatives were able to work together to make a gorgeous short film using the tools available on the Nimble Studio.

Shiell Toons

Melon Shorts

Cartoonist Mike Shiell was able to convert his hilariously off-kilter 2D comic panels into fully realized animated stories. Utilizing a relatively small team he was able to expand on the stories behind some select gags and bring his Wandering Melon comic strips to life.

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