Blender Boolean Tip

The other day I was trying to create a Boolean in Blender and it wasn’t quite working as I expected.

[x_alert heading=”What’s a “Boolean”?” type=”info”]A Boolean is a way to create more complicated polygonal models by taking two objects and either combining them, or subtracting one object from another. Imagine taking a bite out of an apple.. but with geometry![/x_alert]

I found a great tip how to fix this.  Essentially, the boolean modifier in Blender can sometimes break when the surface normals aren’t set correctly.

So how to fix this?  Well.. you first remove any double verts, and then fix the normals!

  • Switch to edit mode
    • Select your object
    • hit Tab
  • Hit the a hotkey to select everything on your object.
  • Hit the w hotkey to pop up your specials menu.
    • Choose Remove Doubles
  • Click ctrl+n to fix the normals.* Go to edit mode

Now the boolean will work properly!


  1. Instead of using Boolean modifier, I’d really recommend using this one:

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