Animation Addicts Interview With Jason Schleifer

Megamind Jason Schleifer

Do you hear voices in your head? Or course you do. Sound vibrates your tympanic membrane, so ALL voices are “in your head” when people are talking to you.

Want to hear DISEMBODIED voices in your head? Oh wait, that would be talk radio or audio books.

Want to hear renowned animator and alpha-nerd Jason Schleifer’s disembodied voice in your head? Well, now you can!

Chelsea Robson and Mason Smith of the Animation Addicts podcast recently had a fantastic interview with Jason about his tenure as the Head of Animation for Dreamworks’ feature film Megamind as well as touching on quite a few stories from his twenty years in the animation industry.

“We just want people to create when
they’re inspired.” ~Jason Schleifer

Along with a deep dive into the Nimble Collective platform, he also talks about the physics of throwing a car, who was the original voice of Megamind, and the challenge of speaking French to the Portuguese based on your rudimentary grasp of Spanish.

It’s a really entertaining interview with a ton of behind the scenes chat about the animation industry. Check it out!

Barry T. Smith
Barry T. Smith
As Nimble Collective's Content Marketing Ninja, Barry is responsible for bringing Nimble news and goodness to all the animating boy and girls of the world. And he does it through the power of the Internet, and not a rickety 'ol sleigh and tiny reindeer.

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