When you take a streaming animation pipeline that you can use on any machine with a browser and an internet connection, you’ve got yourself a very nimble platform. Add to that nimbleness the power of collaboration and the ability to work with anyone, anywhere, and you’ve got a community of creators making great things. That creator-driven community is the collective, and by tapping into the creative power of a “nimble collective,” anyone can be their own studio.

Nimble Collective was founded in 2014 by high-profile industry animators out to simplify the complex and costly process of creating animation, for both professionals and amateur animators alike.

Nimble Collective is developing a complete eco-system built by creators, for creators, and with creators to remove the barriers, enabling artists, brands, and businesses to create quality animated content. Provide a comprehensive Cloud Animation Platform that encompasses creation capabilities, community support, and resources.

Your Own Virtual Studio

Nimble Collective is the brainchild of animators Rex Grignon (Toy StoryMadagascar, and founding head of character animation at DreamWorks), Jason Schleifer (Lord of the RingsMegamind) and Scott LaFleur (How to Train Your DragonMegamind), CTO Bruce Wilson (DreamWorks Animation and Google) and VP of Content Distribution George Bruder (Ooyala, YouTube, and Netflix) and Michael Howse (Bigfoot Networks, PacketHop) and a host of enthusiastic employees pulled from the animation world and the tech sector. We’ve gathered together a team of passionate creators, engineers, finance professionals, producers, advisors, and people who love animation that feel EVERYone should have the opportunity to bring their animation dreams to life.

Having recently raised $8.5 million in funding, led by New Enterprise Associates, Nimble Collective is building The Cloud Animation Platform that will empower animators to more easily work together to create and distribute their ideas. With all production capabilities hosted in a secure cloud environment, animators will be able to spend more time creating instead of worrying about the endless hassles of managing complex and costly infrastructure.

“If someone has a short film idea, they have to find a producer, riggers, modelers, a composer, lighting, and layout people … there’s barrier after barrier.”

Rex Grignon, Co-Founder

Animation, especially computer animation, is a team sport. Rex states, “If someone has a short film idea, they have to find a producer, riggers, modelers, a composer, lighting and layout people … there’s barrier after barrier. A few filmmakers who are incredibly motivated and have incredible resolve can do it. But that’s the exception. It isn’t like photography where you can be a lone wolf. We have different disciplines that have to come together and that’s what Nimble wants to make easy.”

Nimble Collective will continue to grow and build upon its vision of a powerful streaming animation platform that will be the engine behind a new generation of animators and creators. We can’t wait to show the world what a Nimble Collective can do.

It’s an animation revolution, and everyone’s invited!


Right now, even though the market for animation is vast, animation is prohibitively complex and expensive to create. Nimble makes bringing your creative vision to life easier by allowing the community to spend more time creating.


By giving creators access to top tier tools and talent in an online collaborative environment, we strive to remove barriers and allow anyone, anywhere, to create animated content and be their own studio.


We are creating a virtual streaming animation pipeline that you can use on any machine with a browser and an internet connection, allowing you to start creating your ideas with a username and password.

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