6 Huge Advantages to Cloud Based Animation Pipelines

6 Huge Advantages to Cloud Based Animation Pipelines

Advantages to cloud based animation

Is your animation platform cloud-based? If not, you may want to think about changing to a cloud strategy. The cloud has proven to be a strategic advantage for many industries over the past 10 years. In fact, the world’s largest cloud survey, called The State of the Cloud, found that 96% of all the world’s companies are now at least partially cloud-based.

Cloud adoption is strong in the animation industry. Studios are spending millions of dollars to work like IT companies, where tech is so integral it almost vanishes from view. Here are six big benefits of using an animation pipeline that’s connected to the cloud.


1- Reduced Overhead and Increase Quality

In a creative field, it’s a shame when costs have to keep us up at night. Unfortunately, this is all too often the reality. If production costs are spiraling out of control and deadlines are looming, it’s a nightmare scenario for a studio CEO.

Here’s where a cloud-based animation setup can really shine: cost savings. A platform like Nimble reliably reduces studio overhead by automating infrastructure and providing access to remote workers. Studios that use it are investing less in space, desks, supplies, heating, cooling, power, and every other cost that drains profitability from the business.

Saving money on overhead means more budget flows to the artists. You can expand your team or splurge on the cream of the crop to make sure the content you are producing is the best it can be.


2- Accelerating Growth

Growth is something studio CEOs always have at the backs of their minds. A cloud-based animation platform plays a huge role in studio growth. It’s highly scalable, so you can expand at a faster rate than you probably thought possible.

Imagine never having to turn away work again. It’s a great feeling when you can take on new projects with 100% confidence that your company can expand staffing, hit deadlines, and manage the production schedule with ease— all without sacrificing quality.


3- Meet Deadlines with Ease

Deadlines are tight at animation studios. Production must hit precise marks or the entire project is instantly at risk.

A cloud-based pipeline keeps everyone charging toward a clear deadline and provides the transparency to know where the project stands at any given time. Most studios have a very opaque pipeline, with their data and work scattered around various servers and workstations. This makes it difficult to know exactly what state everything is in. A cloud-based studio keeps everything in one place and allows for a single source of truth.  

On-time projects mean happy clients, which makes a positive impact on the studio’s bottom line. By animating in the cloud, your studio can maintain its reputation for producing high-quality projects that always come in on time.


4- Make Staffing Seamless

The geography-free quality of cloud-based animation also means your studio can attract top-notch talent from anyplace in the world. There are talented animators in every corner of every country; now, they can join your studio.

This is a game-changer for animation studios that usually face costly downtime whenever an employee leaves the company. Staffing is so much easier when a new animator from anywhere on Earth can fire up any device and start working within moments.


5- Simple Adoption

Here’s another thing about cloud-based pipelines that comes as a big relief for studio CEOs: Implementation is easy. The studio can adopt cloud-based animation without moving people around, upgrading workstations, or dealing with a big chunk of downtime.

Take care of the initial steps in a series of meetings, which can happen on-site or remotely. Staff onboarding happens fast because they simply need to jump into the pipeline, look through menus of intuitive design options, and start working. No extensive (and expensive) training is needed.


6- Faster Production Through Greater Parallelization

A good animation pipeline is built around the idea of parallelization, which is the idea that multiple people are working on the same thing. Like the animation department working on multiple animation shots at the same time. BUT this idea has always been constrained by the walls of the studio. With a cloud-based studio, those walls are broken down and the animation team can expand to as many remote artists as you can hire. This can greatly accelerate production times. This means production sails along smoothly, with as many creators as possible working in tandem to get things done.

At any given moment in a cloud-based animation platform, there’s no question where things stand in the production process. The progress is visible to everyone on the team. Your animators check the pipeline, see what needs to be done, and get to work fast.


The cloud spans the entire globe, making things like software, hardware, and geographic location irrelevant. Artists can jump into the workflow from anywhere, anytime, seamlessly stepping into precisely the right part of the process.


Of course, as someone with a background in animation, you’ll need to see it in action to believe it. Nimble Collective offers a free demo that showcases a lot of what the cloud has to offer the animation industry. Contact us today to schedule your live demo or check out our video here.

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