Creation of a complex streaming animation platform can’t be done in a vacuum. Sometimes you need to close the hood, hop behind the wheel, and take ‘er out for a spin. That’s where the 4039 Studio comes into play.

This internal studio is comprised of Nimble employees, who, in addition to their day to day duties, are creating on the platform and giving real-time feedback to the engineers. Pulling staffers from engineering, community, marketing, as well as collaborating with freelancers outside of Nimble, the team wears many hats and is able to put the platform through its paces, targeting specific functions and features. This ad hoc, in-house group of artists can be assembled as the need arises, and can take a production from script to screen to give us a broader scope of metrics and analytics to help define our roadmap.

Plus they make some pretty kick ass shorts to boot.

Animal Facts #164 - The Chicken

Animal Facts #164 was created from script to screen using our virtual, streaming, collaborative animation platform. The short was animated, lit, edited, and rendered entirely in Blender with the use of other tools like Nuke, Audacity, and more (including the pencil and paper the chicken was originally designed on) using only a $189 Toshiba Chromebook 2. No software to download. No installs. Just a web browser and the Internet.

 Check it out!

Animal Facts #271

Animal Facts #271 was our first short film created in the cloud. It was created as part of the Citrix Synergy 2015 conference where Rex Grignon and Jason Schleifer stood on stage in front of 7,000 people and introduced Nimble Collective to the world!

Check it out!

Citrix Synergy 2015 Introduction

Robyn, the star of our Animal Facts #271 short, was kind enough to introduce us with a BANG at the Citrix Synergy 2015 conference. A little skit was worked out where Robyn would try to get the host’s attention, and upon failing that, set out to make SURE he got everyone’s attention.

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