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“I cannot imagine not having Nimble Studio to make our film. Since all of our assets are uploaded to the cloud, the artists do not have to download their work onto their personal computers to do their tasks. This set up allows us quick onboarding and lets the artists jump into production almost immediately. Not to mention, the rendering farm is really intuitive and does not require me to jump into every file to get the render I need.”

Dixon Wong

Dixon Wong

Director – Anamon Studios

Why a Cloud-based Platform?
Because . . .

Without the Cloud

Overhead costs for brick and mortar studios can be suffocating.

  • Real estate
  • Tech infrastructure
  • Creation and maintenance of pipeline
  • Desks and hardware
  • Office supplies
  • Building maintenance
  • Heating and cooling
  • Power consumption

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Cloud based workstations, versioning, compute farm and security seamlessly woven together in a browser based workflow. This can greatly reduce your tech and infrastructure costs.

Simple Team On-boarding and Expansion

Easily expand your workforce by simply adding them to your project. Remote artists instantly have access to the full power of your virtual animation studio. Making use of remote artists can eliminate onsite costs and at the same time give access to a wider talent pool.

Fully Remote Team and Virtual Studio

Reduce overhead up to 75% with a complete cloud infrastructure and fully distributed team.

Are you interested?

30 Second Demo Video

“We are making high-quality animation more accessible. Taking our years of experience and moving it to the cloud enables a very low overhead way of making beautiful content. More budget flows to the production which, in turn, elevates quality.”

Rex Grignon, CEO & Co-founder

Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Previously Head of Character Animation at DreamWorks Animation
Film credits: Toy Story, Shrek, the Madagascar series and many more!
Founding member of the Character Animation group at PDI

Looking for talent? Check out Zerply!

We have recently partnered with Zerply, a talent marketplace with 15,000 vetted industry professionals. Zerply’s platform gives insight into skills, past projects and even up to the minute availability. Use Zerply to find the talent and then simply on-board your artists to your Nimble project. What used to take weeks now takes only hours.

Nimble Collective and Zerply Logo

“The best animation brings a mixture of subtle complexity that can connect on an incredibly deep level with the viewer. Our artistic community, deep industry knowledge and unique platform bring this quality to every project.”

Jason Schleifer, Co-founder

Previously Head of Character Animation at DreamWorks Animation
Film credits: Megamind, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Madagascar 1 &2
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, Return of the King

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