Nimble Collective for Creators

Freelancers, get connected with paying jobs. Indy creators, benefit from the studio tech and collaboration. Create animated content with nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser. 


Nimble Collective for Studios

The virtual studio platform can solve your technical headaches. Quickly onboard new artists by simply sending them a link. The asset and application open in seconds through their web browser.


Nimble Collective for Agencies

Our platform gives transparency and control for agencies working with high-quality creators from our network. This is delivered with low overhead for cost-effective, high-quality animation. 


Nimble Collective for Brands

We provide access to film quality animation studios and creators through Nimble Collective. You can also “spin up” a branded studio of your own on our virtual studio platform. Contact us for details!

“We’re taking that studio feeling, where it’s very quick to get going creatively, and giving that to everybody.”

Rex Grignon, CEO

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